Bullet Points:

  • All ambulance cabinets are covered in plastic.
  • Goggles for everyone should be here tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
  • Columbine Manor now has two positive patients.
  • New policy for low-risk dispatches.
  • Emails will be switching to a once a day news blast and will be archived here.
  • New policy on PPE for drivers.


New procedure for low-risk dispatches. To decrease the use of PPE on medical calls YOU deem low risk off of dispatch, such as a nosebleed, it is acceptable to send in one person wearing eye protection, gloves and a procedure mask and get a quick size up of the patient from six feet away. If things look at all suspicious for SARS-CoV2 infection, back out, put on a gown and N95 and goggles or eye protection as needed. Put a procedure mask on the patient as soon as you can.

Goggles – I will have goggles for everyone here tomorrow or the next day at the latest, with the exception of the people wanting goggles that can go over glasses – those will be here in a few days. If you need goggles talk to a supervisor when you come on shift.

Zoom meetings – we are talking about having on-line meetings using zoom. We could do this as a scheduled thing or on an as needed basis. The way it works is that you get an email invite and click on the link and can do video or just voice and join in.

Ambulances cabinets are taped up with plastic. Please try and run out of the yellow bag. If you need something out of the cabinet – cut the tape/plastic and get it and re-tape and put up new plastic. This keeps the supplies cleaner and makes cleaning easier. Thanks to Josh Copelan for pushing this out.

Please tape and seal off all compartments in the ambulances! things to leave out are listed below and can be cleaned/ sprayed with bleach after each call.

-3 IV start kits
-2 18 Gauge and 2 20 Gauge IV catheters
-Extra electrodes placed in monitor
-Place Narcotics in the RSI fridge
-Make sure there is a stethoscope out for use

Work out of the yellow bag as much as possible.

Columbine manor now has two patients that are positive for SARS-CoV2.

Fatality from SARS-Cov2. The patient that was positive for SARS-CoV2 that Mara, Josh Copelan and I took on a ventilator to Memorial passed away at some point in the past 24 hours.

PPE for driving to the hospital. Consider doing the following: it is a suggestion and you can deviate as needed. After the patient is loaded in the back of the ambulance have the driver doff their PPE before getting in the front of the ambulance. If the patient seems like they are low risk and are not producing aerosols wear a surgical/procedure mask. If there are aerosol generating procedures occurring in the back the driver should wear all their PPE (N95, goggles, etc).

Always err on the side of more PPE than less PPE.

Viral Filters. Be paranoid about the viral filters for airways. Check and re-check that you have them in the ambulance.

Email blast. Josh, Derik, Jason and I are going to try to switch to a once a day email blast in the early evening to prevent information overload. Ideally there will be one email from one of us with relevant information from each of us.

lastly, to prevent having to search through a multitude of emails we have created a web page that will archive these daily email blasts and other relevant info. Check it out at https://chaffeecountyems.com/sars-cov2-employee-information/ the password is ccems (all lower case).

Stay safe out there.